Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NEW: ColorGlow Eyes


Before time began, there was only darkness. A great sea of black lapped at the shore of night, the emptiness undisturbed by dreams or energy. Then, without warning, a spark appeared. From the center of the eternal twilight, the light blossomed, causing the surrounding shadow to tremble and fall away. Heat radiated from the luminescence, curling through the cold space as the light rapidly expanded. And as abruptly as it appeared--

The light burst.

The explosion flung pieces of the ruptured light across existence, marking the sky like the curving, bending stroke of a hasty brush. Form was created and colors could be seen. And the power of this moment can be found in the gaze of ColorGlow Eyes.

For this line, Annie aimed to capture the intensity that colors can possess. Each of the 24 bold hues bends and refracts light to its will, hearkening back to their powerful origin. The very subtle lid shadow generates a realistic feel without taking away from the bold feel, and the black halo about the iris accents the color perfectly.

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