Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW: Tranquil Eyes


With the buzz of summer steadily fading with the daylight, a calm, reflective atmosphere settles upon the world alongside falling leaves. Crisp breezes play with hair, spicy aromas curl about noses, and the crunch from underfoot tickles the ear. Those looking to capture these autumnal attributes will find them in the gaze of Tranquil.


This line of IBANEZ eyes features the same style as the SoftGlow and SmoothGlow varieties, using a dark border about the iris to enhance color and subtle shine details to welcome the onlooker. Unlike them, it incorporates greater vein detail, with iris incorporating different hues, ranging in slight shifts in the spectrum to colorful contrasts. The Tranquil series features 25 options at L$99 each, allowing anyone to find a smooth, sanguine look that suits them.

To catch these beauties, step into the new IBANEZ Main Store!


LOTD Part Deux: Ibanez Glossy Eyes in Paranormal

The ever fashionably-forward demoness Vasha Ildor poses for me in a casual, dark ensemble loaded with accessories that lash up an edgy, inviting look. I am always so in awe of the stuff this woman finds...she's in touch with the darker side of SL fashion, that which we don't see enough of in fashion blogging! Vash models my brand new extended line of Glossy Eyes (formerly only in red and black, now in all 24 crayola-cool colors) in the shade "paranormal", available OCT 1st at the new store. Mmm. LOVE IT!


Hair - Maitreya Saar - Charcoal
Face Tats - La Malvada Mujer - pois moderno #5
Eye Makeup - Nuuna's makeup v4 1.
Piercings - .HoD. - Dimpled - Graphite
Necklace - .HoD. - The Crosary (Ropes Only)
Illusions - Cord Wraps Necklace
Ears - AITUI: (Type 2) Stretched Ears - Small Fantasy
Skin - [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Caramel - Crow2
Lashes - Mstyle Lashes - Elf
Eyes - Ibanez Glossy Eyes - Paranormal
Photo and Editing - Annie Ibanez

LOTD: SoftGlow Eyes in Panacea

The lovely Saxin Munro poses for me in the store, looking supple and sexy as always. This ensemble is so well balanced with the deep rich skin and hair colors, countered by the ethereal pale eyes and wings, that the effect is sheer cotton-candy-bliss! Why this woman isn't doing her own fashion blog I may never know.


Eyes - Ibanez SoftGlow Eyes in Panacea from the neutrals collection
Wings - Tokushi Avatars
Skin - Atomic: Hush (freckled)
Hair - Truth
Hairbase - L'emporio di Bru
Earrings - Yummy in Tableau
Tattoos - SLX freebie, XYR by Xyr Avril
Photo and Editing - Annie Ibanez

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


IBANEZ Mainstore Preview I

October is opening the doors to more than just ghouls and goblins - this Friday, at 6pm SLT, IBANEZ Eyes will host a grand opening party for its new main store! And just as we have been feeding teasers of all the treats that await inside the shop, I thought I'd throw in some previews of the build alongside the celebration information.

IBANEZ Mainstore Preview II

As per the group notecard:
Dear Friends and fans of IBANEZ eyes,

You are cordially invited to the GRAND OPENING PARTY of the BRAND NEW mainstore of IBANEZ EYES!!!


FRIDAY -- OCTOBER 1st 2010 -- 6PM SLT
The parcel will be no-access until this date so don't bother teleporting. :)


With this NEW mainstore opening there will be 3 brand-new releases: Softglow Eyes in Brights and Softglow Eyes in Pastels, and Smoothglow eyes. Plus, two re-releases of totally upgraded and improved classics; the Rivendell Line and the Creature Line!

Additionally there are brand new vendors allowing you to purchase by the row or by the fatpack!

All your old favorites will also be available in the new store as well with the exception of the Colordepth and Lumimous lines which will go into retirement. I still have them if you want to buy them, let me know.

See you all soon!

❤♡♥Annie Ibanez♥♡❤

IBANEZ Mainstore Preview III

If you're not already on the subscribe-o, be sure to drop by the shop in Indigo Hills to slap it, as this note also game with a sampler of SmoothGlow Eyes, and you don't want to miss 'em!

IBANEZ Mainstore Preview IV

Monday, September 27, 2010

NEW: Rivendell Eyes 2.0

Old makes way for new with the completion of the Rivendell eyes upgrade! These were one of my first lines ever released and were in desperate need of sprucing up. These spellbinding elven style eyes now feature realistic eye whites with vein detail, wet reflections, highlights, and lid shadows, as well as more centered pupils.

I did a fun photoshoot with 7 random colors. One of the things I love about fantasy eye colors is that you can get really creative with them. This skin is Tess 2 - Makeup 5 by LAQ and as you can see has about four lovely shadow and eyeliner colors that play across the lids beautifully. I've used eyes with complementary hues and it has a really lovely effect.


I'd say these are a great purchase if you are a human, elf, fae, creature or a fashionista looking for something different! This line of extra large eyes comes in 24 colors and as always is 99L. Each pair comes with a regular version and prim version with alpha layer to hide your default eyeballs (recommended). Below is the full color range, available OCT 1 2010 at the new Mainstore Grand Opening!

Hair - Magika
Skin - LAQ: Tess2 Makeup 5
Lashes - Redgrave
Brow tattoo - LAQ
Photo and background - yours truly
Eyes - yours truly ;)



NEW: Creature Eyes 2.0

IBANEZ Eyes - Creature Ib

In the beginning, sharp slits peered into the world, surrounded by a pool of color and bank of white. They shown through the darkness and strode boldly forth, lighting the way for the future of Ibanez Eyes. Time has passed since that first step, and a plethora of gazes and stares have shimmered in the spotlight.

But they are no longer satisfied to lurk in the past- the Creatures have come crawling.

IBANEZ Eyes - Creature IIb

Annie teased us with a glimpse at the Chestnut version of these primal beauties earlier, and now all 24 have fully creeped out of their dens to flash their revitalized appearance. Owners of the old line can receive free upgrades if they a) show a transaction record or b) screenshot of the items in their inventory. If you have yet to get your hands upon a pair, don't worry- the Creature Eyes only ask for a token of L$99 before coming home, just like all IBANEZ Eyes.

This line is only available at the new main store, which will open its doors this Friday, October 1st, at 6pm SLT. Continue tracking the blog or swing by the shop in Indigo Hills to slap the subscribe-o group to catch more information on this event!


Monday, September 20, 2010

COMING SOON! SmoothGlow Eyes

Hey everyone! So, I have another release in the works and I wanted to share a preview with you. These will be released in the regular range of 24 colors, maybe more if I'm ambitious. This line -- along with Creature Eyes 2.0, and SoftGlow Eyes in Brights and Neutrals -- will go live for the grand opening of my NEW MAINSTORE! Yes, that's right. I have been working like a madwoman for weeks on a brand new store with FOUR new releases for le grand opening.

About the eyes: The SmoothGlow eyes are cabochon-like in the sense that they catch and reflect light and have very intense shadows, giving almost a polished gem look. These eyes will come in both regular and prim versions. They fall somewhere between the softglow eyes and the tranquil eyes in style, using similar reflections and highlights. Here is a preview of *some* of the colors that will come in this line. Enjoy the sneaky peeky!


COMING SOON! Creature Eyes 2.0

Here's a sneak peek at what's to come. My very first line of eyes, the "Creature" line, is a gorgeous line but in desperate need of updating. I have gone through the whole line and upgraded the eye whites to a realistic look, added a lid shadow, vein detail, wetness reflections, softened edges and new highlights. Additionally, these Creature Eyes 2.0 will come on prims as well for extra customizability. Whee! Here's a sneak peek at the eyes in "Chestnut" color. I think they look YUMMY, how about you?

These eyes should be released and ready for purchase in about a week or two, which I'll announce.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

COMING SOON! Soft Glow Eyes - Brights

IBANEZ Eyes - SoftGlow Ib

Eyes, in the words of Annie, are "a highly personal accessory that defines you; it's like the finishing touch that you can't put your finger on." And for the individual seeking a bold, attention-grabbing air, the upcoming Soft Glow - Bright line delivers. The black halo encircling the iris allows the brilliant color to burst with intensity, while the subtle shine and vein details soften the gaze, creating an enigmatic feel that draws the viewer in.

IBANEZ Eyes - SoftGlow IIb

The Soft Glow - Bright line has yet to fully venture out onto the IBANEZ shelves, but it promises to provide an array of 24 hues with dark and light sclera (eye white) options (see the chart for the full future range). The added prim feature allows owners to take advantage of Second Life's glow feature and mixing & matching to create the ultimate unique look.

Entranced? Watch the blog or swing by the shop in Indigo Hills to slap the subscribe-o group to catch release date information!


NEW: Limited Edition Natural Eyes

What's a limited edition? When I want to play around with a new style I'll often do a limited edition release which means instead of the regular 24 colors, it comes in 6. It's a good way for me to gauge interest in a product style without killing myself for weeks on a new line. If it does well, I will often expand the line.

Newly released are my Limited Edition Natural eyes, inspired by the fashion maven herself, Gogo of JuicyBomb. I chose to release something I've never particularly focused on, and that's normal, natural eyes. There are 6 colors available: Ebony, Hazel, Brown, Green, Grey and Blue. They come in both regular and prim eyes, and are slightly smaller than my typically-oversized eyes. These eyes are clear and bright, very subtle on the reflection and highlights. There are little flecks of golds and russets in the iris as well. Look closely!

Here's the color chart! These eyes can be found in my mainstore, and as always, are 99L each.


Post Number One!

Welcome to the official Ibanez Eyes blog! Ibanez Eyes was conceived nearly two years ago when I found myself hunting for really bizarre and colorful fantasy eyes. When I discovered that the market was fairly slim for my tall order, I decided to start making them for myself. What was a tiny little boutique has exploded into a mainstore of hundreds of eyes and I haven't looked back since. :)

My eyes have come a long way, evolving in look, feel, clarity, lighting, reflection, and detail. My aim in this blog is to cover every single line of eyes that I've done with descriptions and color charts to allow folks to quickly browse through the inventory of my store without having to wait for rezzing, and to show customers products they have perhaps not yet seen. With the help of my trusty new bloggers whom I'm sure you will meet soon, I should have all of my products covered in no time at all. No pressure right? LOL!

So a bit about my eyes - Most of my releases come in regular and prim versions, and a range of 24 colors. Depending on the line they can be natural, fantastical, or polychromatic color ranges. Depending on the iris detail, the pupil size, the reflections, the highlights, you can change your look dramatically. Whether you are a fashionista that loves to coordinate her eyes to her outfit, or a drow seeking dark red glowing eyes, or maybe a cute kid wanting big, pouting brown eyes, I truly believe there is a look for everyone.

As a business, my mission is to bring to you gorgeous, unique, eyes - at a consistent price (always 99L!), with excellent customer service. By this I mean, no matter what, feel free to contact me if you don't like your eyes, if you have trouble positioning the prims, if you like one of my old lines of eyes put onto prims -- do not hesitate. Happy customers are my first priority. :)

So this concludes my very first blog post, stay tuned for many many more to come, regarding updates on new releases, updates on the lucky chair and MM board, re-releases, and product listings with colorcharts!

xoxo Annie