Monday, September 27, 2010

NEW: Creature Eyes 2.0

IBANEZ Eyes - Creature Ib

In the beginning, sharp slits peered into the world, surrounded by a pool of color and bank of white. They shown through the darkness and strode boldly forth, lighting the way for the future of Ibanez Eyes. Time has passed since that first step, and a plethora of gazes and stares have shimmered in the spotlight.

But they are no longer satisfied to lurk in the past- the Creatures have come crawling.

IBANEZ Eyes - Creature IIb

Annie teased us with a glimpse at the Chestnut version of these primal beauties earlier, and now all 24 have fully creeped out of their dens to flash their revitalized appearance. Owners of the old line can receive free upgrades if they a) show a transaction record or b) screenshot of the items in their inventory. If you have yet to get your hands upon a pair, don't worry- the Creature Eyes only ask for a token of L$99 before coming home, just like all IBANEZ Eyes.

This line is only available at the new main store, which will open its doors this Friday, October 1st, at 6pm SLT. Continue tracking the blog or swing by the shop in Indigo Hills to slap the subscribe-o group to catch more information on this event!


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