Sunday, September 19, 2010

COMING SOON! Soft Glow Eyes - Brights

IBANEZ Eyes - SoftGlow Ib

Eyes, in the words of Annie, are "a highly personal accessory that defines you; it's like the finishing touch that you can't put your finger on." And for the individual seeking a bold, attention-grabbing air, the upcoming Soft Glow - Bright line delivers. The black halo encircling the iris allows the brilliant color to burst with intensity, while the subtle shine and vein details soften the gaze, creating an enigmatic feel that draws the viewer in.

IBANEZ Eyes - SoftGlow IIb

The Soft Glow - Bright line has yet to fully venture out onto the IBANEZ shelves, but it promises to provide an array of 24 hues with dark and light sclera (eye white) options (see the chart for the full future range). The added prim feature allows owners to take advantage of Second Life's glow feature and mixing & matching to create the ultimate unique look.

Entranced? Watch the blog or swing by the shop in Indigo Hills to slap the subscribe-o group to catch release date information!


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