Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW: Tranquil Eyes


With the buzz of summer steadily fading with the daylight, a calm, reflective atmosphere settles upon the world alongside falling leaves. Crisp breezes play with hair, spicy aromas curl about noses, and the crunch from underfoot tickles the ear. Those looking to capture these autumnal attributes will find them in the gaze of Tranquil.


This line of IBANEZ eyes features the same style as the SoftGlow and SmoothGlow varieties, using a dark border about the iris to enhance color and subtle shine details to welcome the onlooker. Unlike them, it incorporates greater vein detail, with iris incorporating different hues, ranging in slight shifts in the spectrum to colorful contrasts. The Tranquil series features 25 options at L$99 each, allowing anyone to find a smooth, sanguine look that suits them.

To catch these beauties, step into the new IBANEZ Main Store!


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