Monday, September 20, 2010

COMING SOON! SmoothGlow Eyes

Hey everyone! So, I have another release in the works and I wanted to share a preview with you. These will be released in the regular range of 24 colors, maybe more if I'm ambitious. This line -- along with Creature Eyes 2.0, and SoftGlow Eyes in Brights and Neutrals -- will go live for the grand opening of my NEW MAINSTORE! Yes, that's right. I have been working like a madwoman for weeks on a brand new store with FOUR new releases for le grand opening.

About the eyes: The SmoothGlow eyes are cabochon-like in the sense that they catch and reflect light and have very intense shadows, giving almost a polished gem look. These eyes will come in both regular and prim versions. They fall somewhere between the softglow eyes and the tranquil eyes in style, using similar reflections and highlights. Here is a preview of *some* of the colors that will come in this line. Enjoy the sneaky peeky!


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